Defending our client’s interests is our mission.
The work of Ursenbacher & Sollberger SA is characterized by professionalism, efficiency and high quality.

Entrepreneurial spirit and result-oriented solutions are our focus.
This means for you: economy of time, discretion and uncomplicated processing of your concerns.

Marc Ursenbacher

Marc Ursenbacher has now been working as a lawyer for over 10 years. Because Ursenbacher & Sollberger was founded on the base of his previous law firm, to some extent he is the motor of US.
Due to his remarkable knowledge and his flexible way of thinking he often astonishes US and our clients with innovative solutions.


Avocat | Rechtsanwalt | Attorney at law | Partner

CV Marc Ursenbacher

As two time Swiss sailing champion and as well as lawyer, Marc skillfully navigates through every stormy sea.

Matthieu Canevascini

With many years of international experience Matthieu Canevascini brings to the firm Ursenbacher & Sollberger his ability to anticipate and his tactical sense, as well as his experience in European law. This enables him to offer effective and innovative solutions to clients, even when the case appears complex and conflictual.


Avocat | Rechtsanwalt | Attorney at law | Partner

CV Matthieu Canevascini

Since 2017 Matthieu Canevascini is Vice-President of the Assembly of the Ecclesiastical Corporation (ACEC), which is the parliament of the Catolics in the canton of Fribourg.

Andrej Sollberger

Stay calm, but don’t let your guard down. Andrej Sollberger keeps a cool head even in the heat of the moment and thus never loses sight of you or the goal.


Rechtsanwalt | Avocat | Attorney at law | Partner

CV Andrej Sollberger

When Andrej is not fighting for the interests of his clients, he is fine-tuning his golf HCP or standing on a tennis court somewhere.

Ricardo Fraga Ramos

Ricardo Fraga Ramos is a general practitioner who represents individuals, families, companies and public entities throughout French-speaking Switzerland. A native Portuguese speaker, he also represents clients from Portuguese-speaking countries.

Dedicated and pragmatic, he makes it a point of honor to inform his clients about the strengths of their case, but especially about the weaknesses of their position, a fundamental approach for an optimal result.


Avocat | Rechtsanwalt | Attorney at law | Partner

CV Ricardo Fraga Ramos

Ricardo Fraga Ramos is a passionate soccer fan. When he is not representing the interests of his clients in the courtroom, he coaches the goalkeepers of FC Cressier.