We solve Problems.
As all-rounders with different specializations we can advise you in almost every field of law.


We represent and advise our national and international clients in every type of proceedings before state courts and authorities. Representing your interests is our key competence. But beside that our objective is to always keep you updated about your case and prepare you for your process.

From purchase contracts to employment contracts, social contracts, service agreements over to finance contracts. If you want to make contractual agreement with someone we are your competent contact partner.

Especially in the field of labour law there are several exceptions and special regulations. Save the time to look for them by yourself and let US solve your problem.

Good divorces cost money, bad ones a fortune! If it comes to the resolution of a marriage the involved persons are normally in a tense mood and their emotions are very sensitive. But even in this delicate situation we keep a clear head for you and find a solution.

In order that you can fully devote yourself to your family and your career, we support you in estate planning as well as we advise you regarding the structuring of your personal affairs.

We advise and support companies of all sizes. Our clients are listed companies as well as small family-owned businesses. In the interests of your economic success you best come to US.

Rely on our advice if you want to ensure that your project is built on the right foundation.

If business doesn’t go as planned we are here to support you. We know which bills have to be paid and what the right measures are to take.

You love your freedom. We love it too.

With increasing numbers of road users, construction sites and speed controls it is easy to get lost. Let US show you the right way.

Due to the globalization people of all over the world are coming to Switzerland. We get the legal barriers concerning this matter out of the way.

Rental disputes are old as the concept of the rent itself. In case of conflict better ask US. Before it gets expensive.

In times of digitalization it is essential to being well versed with the legal specifics of the intellectual property. Let US make sure that you don’t end up empty-handed.